About Us

About FID

Foundation for Internet Development (FID) is a mechanism for maximising contributions made by ICT industry stakeholders towards socio-economic development and to enterprise and supplier development initiatives.

The primary function of this Foundation for Internet Development is to project match and facilitate donations made by companies within the ICT sector, be it a cash grant, loan, services and/or goods.

There are often various technical components required for a technology based business to work effectively and can prove quite costly for start-ups.

FID collaborates with multiple stakeholders bringing them together to reduce  the costs associated with development projects within the ICT sector. FID is 76% black owned and 58% black female owned, FID charges a nominal fee to beneficiaries for the donations received for the purpose of operating costs. 

We believe in creating powerful and sustainable partnerships to drive the processes and make a success of the projects we embark on.

FID is a member of ISPA and is compliant with the ISPA Code - https://ispa.org.za/code-of-conduct/

Our Driving force (Mission)

Our mission is to facilitate the development of sustainable young entrepreneurs within the ICT Sector.

Our objective is to create long lasting partnerships with all our stakeholders by ensuring that our processes and services are tailored to meet all our stakeholder and industry needs.

We will strive to be ahead of the game in our industry by having dynamic systems that change with our changing economy and overall needs of the country.

Where we see ourselves (Vision)

We want to become an organisation that is dedicated to creating sustainable business enterprises that achieve growth in the long term and which in turn will create jobs and contribute to economic growth in South Africa.